Shampoo for Men

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The ultimate travel set, which includes shampoo, shower gel and cleansing gel for face and eyes.


Transform your daily hair routine into the most wanted & relaxing time of the day!

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A complete, unique set for hair deeply hydrated and extremely soft!


The ultimate choice for a fully reconstructing hair treatment experience you will certainly embrace!


Let your hair experience incredible shine and conditioning with a hair treatment rich in vitamins and metals!


The sensitive and irritated scalp needs special care, it needs respect, gentle cleaning, hydration.  


Strengthening and revitalizing shampoo with Guarana Slow Food Presidium water from Brazil, vitamins and selected herbal complex.


Body Farm Pure Olive Shampoo for Dry/Dehydrated Hair deeply nourishes the scalp!

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Gentle shampoo and douche for the treatment of oily skin on the scalp, the face and the body.


In combination with hair/scalp therapies!


Shampoo for weak, fragile hair!


Enveloping and sensual base notes of Amber embrace your body with a strong and rebel scent.

The Best Shampoo Products for MenWith so many different shampoos out there, you certainly don’t know which one to choose first. No matter what type of hair you have, no matter how old you are, no matter what problems you have in your scalp, there is one and only suitable product for you. Discover which of the following characterizes you and congratulations! Discover the best shampoo products for men below!Everyday UseFirst thing in the morning or last at night. If washing your hair is just that for you, then a daily shampoo is the solution you need. On the contrary, a shampoo that is not suitable for everyday use would dehydrate your hair even more and remove such valuable natural oils.Weak Hair?If you belong to the 50-60% of men who have weak hair that falls out (until the age of 70), then there is a chance that you have to grab the “hair”! They deal with chronic and seasonal reactive hair loss, thinning, alopecia (baldness) and weak hair and strengthen pockets and enhance hair growth.DandruffOn the shoulders, on the collar, on the scarf; the unsightly white flakes are everywhere and make you feel uncomfortable. As for itching, it can irritate you in no time. But what should you do about it? Definitely not bathing constantly, because that way you only make the situation worse. Frequent bathing eliminates the vegetable oils that protect the scalp, causing dryness and dandruff.Oily hair.When the root of the evil is sebum, it makes sense for hair to become incredibly greasy. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, irritation and itching of the scalp, do not look for any other ideal solution.So the next time you stand in front of the dozens of shampoo labels and have to choose, you should not be “bathed” in cold sweat. At FotoPharmacy, search out through a variety of shampoos and choose the ideal for your hair!