Nasal & Oral Care

Nursery - First Essentials

Chicco Physioclean Aspirator Kit


Nasal cleansing is especially important in younger children who cannot yet blow their noses on their own.

Nursery - First Essentials

Chicco Physioclean Physiological Solution (0+) 10x5ml


For the daily nasal cleaning of the baby.


Helps remove nasal secretions from the baby's nasal cavities.


Mucus removal, colds with microbial superinfection, prevention of acute otitis of babies and children.


Nasal decongestant for infants from 3 months.


Nasal solution of daily hygiene for infants from 0 months.


For the hygiene of the nose, eyes & ears as well as for cleaning wounds on the skin.


Intermed Unident Kids Prebio Toothpaste is specially designed with natural ingredients for the daily protection and strengthening of sensitive children's teeth and gums.

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Nursery - First Essentials

Mebby Electric Nasal Aspirator

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The Mebby Nose Clean Electric Nasal Obstructor by Medel gently and effectively removes excess mucus from the baby's nasal cavity.

Nursery - First Essentials

Neilmed Nasadrops 15 ml X 15 Amps


NeilMed NasaDrops is a saline solution product designed for nasal and sinus care, particularly for infants and toddlers. These drops can help relieve nasal congestion, dryness, and irritation that might be caused by various factors such as allergies, colds, or environmental irritants. Saline Solution: It’s essentially a saltwater solution that is isotonic, which means it [...]


Saline nasal spray

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Children Care Toothbrushes

Oral-B Manual Toothbrush Baby 0-2 Years

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Designed with baby-soft bristles for tender gums and first teeth.

The Best Baby Oral Hygiene Products

Doctors are strict with your child’s smile and recommend brushing from the very first tooth! Here’s what you need to know about oral health and how to brush your teeth as a rule of thumb. find below the best baby oral hygiene products!

More important than the dentist is brushing your teeth. Even before he grits his teeth, you can gently wash his gums with water on a soft baby toothbrush, or clean them with a soft towel. But when teeth are prepared to show off, this causes a lot of disturbance to the baby. Therefore a gel has been developed for relaxing baby’s perioral! Infant oral care is very important.

Find out at Fotopharmacy many brands and products which take care of your baby’s oral care!