Curcumin is ideal for the prevention & treatment of diseases associated with oxidative stress and inflammation.


A Natural Solution for Insomnia, Anxiety, and Fatigue

Intestinal Health

Himalaya Gasex 100tabs


Improves digestion. Relieves gaseous distension.

Well Being

Lamberts Ginkgo 6000mg 180tabs


Best known for its effect in helping maintain peripheral circulation to the extremities of the body such as the legs and hands!


For detoxification.

Out of stock

Controls body weight & fat metabolism.


For Urinary Tract Health.


For Urinary Tract Health.

Pain Relief Patch

Pharmasept Aid Pain Patch 1pcs


Disposable analgesic pad for immediate pain relief


A dietary supplement that contains Valerian root extract


Nutritional supplement with ginger and vitamin B6 against nausea and fatigue during pregnancy.


Συμπλήρωμα διατροφής Uplab Pharmaceuticals Ginkgo Biloba complex για τη μνήμη και το κυκλοφορικό.

From ancient times the people have used various herbs for healing purposes. Most drugs have active ingredients derived from herbs and other plants, while those that have synthetic chemicals have natural herbal chemical compounds as stereochemical standards.

The use of herbs as medicine has its roots in the deep past and begins with the appearance of man on Earth. This is a practice that continued until very recently, when the pharmaceutical industry began to manufacture chemicals to replace valerian, belladonna, marjoram and many other herbs, but in recent years are beginning to regain interest, not just ordinary people, but also scientists, who seek their healing powers that were pointed out by both the ancient Greeks and many doctors later. Today, about 80% of the world’s population uses only medicinal plants, while about 50% of medicines are based on a natural substance.

Discover at Fotopharmacy our wide range of products with pharmaceutical herbs such as Green Tea, Aloe, Valerian, Echinacea, Ginger, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Chamomile, Hippophaes, Cranberry, Spirulina, Chlorella, Green Coffee, Raspberry, Garlic, Cinnamon, Turmeric etc and find out their unbelievable actions!!!