Foot Deodorants for Women


Refreshing and deodorizing action.


Foot and toes area, Shoes. Daily use, Care and Protection from Bad Odor and Foot Fungi, Care before and after Exercise. The appearance of unpleasant foot odor is a consequence of microorganisms and fungi growing on feet’s skin. It is not the sweat itself, after all, that causes it, but in essence it is just [...]


Neutralizes odors and keeps your feet dry

Feet Products for Women

Uplab Pharmaceuticals Dezinox Foot Spray 20ml


It is a medical technology formula, based on clinical studies and consisting of highly herbal ingredients.


It has a long lasting refreshing and deodorising effect and provides long-lasting protection against foot odour.


Ideal for sports and on the go.  


Removes strong foot odour for at least 24 hours.

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A deodorant spray by Podia for complete protection and the daily care against bad odor and foot fungi and bacteria.


Urea & algae extract, cooling, refreshing, softens callus.

Dry Skin & Cracked Heels Products for Women

Messinian Spa Relaxing & Anti-Odor Foot Cream with Oregano & Rosemary 100ml


Relaxing & anti-odor foot cream with extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata.

Foot Deodorants

Pharmasept Hygienic Foot Spray 100ml


Daily deodorizing foot spray against sweaty feet and bad odors.


Powder with natural starch, suitable for feet and shoes. Ideal against sweaty feet and bad odors.

What causes foot odor

No matter how annoying and undesirable bad foot smells are, they are a condition which is caused by the actual shape of our foot and lifestyle. Just think that there are 250.000 sweat glands on our feet which produce one cup of sweat daily. This amount necessarily remains enclosed since our shoes prevent it from evaporating and thus some bacteria are produced which cause bad smell.

The best foot deodorant products

Meticulous and regular care of your feet can prevent lots of problems and of course it can improve their appearance and smell. For beautiful and light feet and so that you do not feel uncomfortable every time you take your shoes off. Look for complete series of products and find quick and effective solutions. Help moisturize your skin using its own natural moisturizing agents and remove bad smells.