Intestinal Health

A.Vogel Molkosan Original 200ml


Organic probiotic from whey drink.


nutritional supplement that contributes to the body's normal psychological & nervous function


Effective release of probiotics.


Effective release of probiotics.

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Well Being

Bio-Κult Migrea 15caps

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With magnesium and vitamin B6, both of which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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Well Being

Bio-Κult Migrea 60caps

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With magnesium and vitamin B6, both of which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


For digestive health.

Colic Relief

BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops 5ml


For digestive health.

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For the health of the urinary system & the restoration of the normal intestinal and vaginal flora


An easy and pleasant way to rehydrate


Almora Plus Probio is a probiotic to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea & hydrate the body.


Daily liquid cleanser with probiotics & prebiotics.

The Best Probiotic Supplements

If you put your well being above all else you’ll be interested to find out more about  probiotics and discover the best probiotic supplements below.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts, which are called “good” microorganisms  because they benefit the body and especially our digestive system. The probiotics  found in some foods and supplements are similar to the probiotics normally found  in our gut.

What do probiotics do and what do they do?

Foods and supplements that contain probiotics enhance the work of the “good”  bacteria that already exist in our gut.

Their beneficial effect is mainly due to the fact that they induce the growth of “good” bacteria in our gut. Any decrease in the population of “good” bacteria in the gut, disrupts the proper functioning of the digestive system, as may for example occur after treatment with antibiotics.

In which cases is it necessary to take probiotics?

Probiotic supplements help prevent and treat inflammatory bowel disease (such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), chronic inflammation of the stomach and ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori.

They can also be used in people with chronic constipation, people with irritable bowel syndrome, people with gastroesophageal reflux disease and people with spastic colitis.

How can they help?

-In cases of diarrhea after treatment with certain antibiotics, probiotics (mainly Lactobacillus, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus) may help, especially children. The same after rotavirus infection (a common cause of diarrhea in young children).
Alleviation of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and stomach ulcers.
-Lactose intolerance.
-Dealing constipation.
-Treatment of necrotic enterocolitis (most common in infants).
-Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease).
-Inflammation of the intestine after surgery.
-Prevention of bowel cancer.
-Strengthening the immune system.
-Prevention and treatment of vaginal fungal infections, gynecological infections (vaginitis, cervicitis) and urological infections (cystitis).
-Reduction of the symptoms of anxiety disorders and disorders related to depression.
-Prevention and treatment of skin eczema associated with allergy to cow’s milk.

What are the main types of probiotics?

The probiotics that are naturally found in our digestive system include: Saccharomyces boulardii and the bacteria in Lactobacillus of the Bifobacterium  family of microorganisms. The probiotics Lactobacillus and acidophilus are found in  some yogurts.

Foods that contain probiotics include: some juices, soy drink, milk, buttermilk, some soft cheeses, kefir, sauerkraut, and of course yogurt.

There are also many dietary probiotic supplements available in capsules, tablets, powders and liquid extracts. Each contains specific types of probiotics.

Discover at Fotopharmacy brand name products reinforced with microorganisms like Probiotics or prebiotics or both of them, which have been proven to help the  body, and especially the intestine, function properly!