Lastex made of power net, especially elastic in the area of the belly and elastic belt to support belly without pressuring it .

Nursery - First Essentials

Avent SCF135/06 Milk Powder Dispenser (0-6m)


Holds 3 pre-measured doses of milk powder & ideal for travel.

Breast Firming

BEMA Bio Breast Plus Kit


One single treatment raises, fills and firms your bust.


Maximum safety for sensitive breast skin.


Maximum safety for the delicate breast skin.


Thanks to their enriched composition with wheat and milk proteins, they respect the hydrolipidic protection of the skin.


Chicco Breast Shells 2pcs


Each product in the range is a smart and simple complementary product in the breastfeeding period.


The teat is suitable for all bottles of the Natural Method series.


Ideal especially when there is a caesarean section.


Transporting and storing breast milk and baby food in a practical and safe way.


Ideal for switching between natural breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


The shape of the disc and its thin surface allow the heat and smell of the mother's skin to be transferred to the baby.

The Best Skin Products for Pregnancy

The ultimate miracle of nature: creating a new life! Welcome to the world of motherhood and fatherhood! But even before that, a woman has entered weeks ago (40 weeks!) the world of maternity by pregnancy!

Each one of these 40 weeks includes stress, anxiety and concern about what is going to happen. Overcoming the previous, you must be prepared and armored with mineral, vitamin supplies (folic acid, iron and calcium are the most common used) and products to improve your good-looking shape and well-being form, such as stretch mark creams for pregnancy.

Look for the best skin products for pregnancy from brand name products, which you, like every other mother during the pregnancy
and breast feeding periods, will find extremely useful. Discover special accessories
and other useful products for this important period of your life. Choose brand
name products which look after your skin, which during pregnancy, needs special
care. Moreover, at, you will find specialized products for after
birth and for breastfeeding; for example, products for the everyday intensive
hygiene of your breasts and generally your skin.