Zendium Kids (0-5Y) Toothpaste 50ml



Helps protect the denture.

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Zendium Kids (0-5Y) Toothpaste

Packaging: 50ml

Helps protect the denture. Zendium uses the same natural enzymes as your mouth to protect and strengthen new teeth, while it has a mild taste that is suitable for young mouths. Zendium Kids 0-5 supports the natural defense system of saliva. Contains a system of three enzymes, fluoride at a concentration of 500 ppm. Its composition with enzymes of saliva, controls in the mouth all pathogenic bacteria. It has a pleasant taste and does not need rinsing. Without Parabens, SLS.

How To Use

For children 0-1 years use from the appearance of the first teeth and brush once a day. For children 2-4 years old, bathe twice a day.

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